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  • Whether you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Rio Rancho or a Rio Rancho attorney to represent you in an auto accident, The Bennett Law Group is here to serve you. We’ve represented thousands of clients worldwide and take pride in knowing that we have aided in winning cases for our clients. It is no different for our clientele located in New Mexico. Our New Mexico office is located in Santa Fe, however, we represent clients in many surrounding areas as well, especially providing the very best attorneys in Rio Rancho NM. All you have to do is give our office a call today to speak to a top-tier Rio Rancho attorney at (505)-983-9834.
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    We know it can be frightening and isolating if you’ve been involved in an accident at no fault of your own. This is why our personal injury lawyer Rio Rancho wants to help prepare a strong case just for you. If you live in Rio Rancho and have been involved in a wrongful accident, we have a Rio Rancho attorney for you. Our personal injury lawyer Rio Rancho team specializes in auto injury claims, wrongful death claims, and personal injury cases. You will find the representation you are seeking in a Rio Rancho attorney right here at our New Mexico law office. On paper, the law can seem confusing and overwhelming, however, we have years of experience of being an established law firm with the best-certified attorneys Rio Rancho NM has to offer. You are going to want a Rio Rancho attorney who has a number of hands-on courtroom experiences fighting for their clients daily, and that’s exactly what we plan to do for you. Protecting your rights means the most to us, which is why you won’t be sorry for choosing the Bennett Law Group Rio Rancho attorney to represent you in your case.


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  • Car accidents, wrongful death in the family, and other injuries can have lasting physical and mental impairments, as well as many expensive costs for medical bills and therapy which can be a heavy burden for many New Mexicans. A Bennett Law Group personal injury lawyer Rio Rancho will fight for the funding and backing you deserve. Our Rio Rancho attorney will even hold the insurance companies accountable for ensuring you get the most optimal coverage. We have over 30 years of experience representing clients in various accidents, slip and fall are one of them. Whether you endure a minor or major injury, our local Rio Rancho attorney will go up to bat for you and negotiate fair terms to make sure your medical bills are rightfully covered. Located in Santa Fe and surrounding New Mexico counties, a personal injury lawyer Rio Rancho is here to help today. A Rio Rancho attorney will provide assistance every step of the way in building a case against the entity responsible for your injury. If you are searching for the best personal injury lawyer Rio Rancho, be sure you contact our office today, and we will walk you through your rightful entitlements step-by-step.