Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you’ve slipped and fallen at a store or some else’s property and you believe their negligence makes them liable, call The Bennett Law Group. Our team will work for you .

The Bennett Law Group is a Santa Fe slip and fall law firm that is led by Merit Bennett, who has more than 30 years of experience serving New Mexicans.

Get the representation you need with our team of attorneys. 

Whether you’ve sustained only minor injuries in a slip and fall or broken a bone, injuries can be costly to have treated by medical professionals.  Even a minor sprain might require some kind of medical imaging, like an x-ray or MRI, to ensure that there isn’t further damage to the area.  These processes can be extremely costly, even if you have health insurance coverage.   We can help you prove fault and negligence, which will get you the financial resources you need to take care of your medical bills.