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With forty-five years of legal experience, The Bennett Law Group is qualified to serve as your New Mexico law firm. Santa Fe personal injury attorney, Merit Bennett and Talia V. Kosh can represent you for personal injury, car accident, discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse, and other civil matters. If you need legal representation, give our Santa Fe, New Mexico, law firm a call and we’ll work with you to find the best course of action for your case.

We’re your car accident injury law firm serving clients in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our team will help you obtain the proper compensation from not only the liable party but also from your insurance company. Dealing with auto insurance companies can be difficult, but The Bennett Law Group is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies that want to avoid paying you as their insured. Even if you’re entitled to a payment from your insurance company, it will try to pay the least amount possible. The Bennett Law Group will work as your advocate as an experienced auto injury law firm to ensure that your insurance company is dealing in good faith.
We’re your best choice for representation as your New Mexico Law Firm.

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Search Santa Fe law firms to find the personal injury lawyer that fits you best. The Bennett Law Group offers legal representation for clients looking for help with an injury lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been injured by another party’s willful intent, negligence, or recklessness, we are a personal injury law firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico that will fight for you.

After you’ve been injured, you will need physical treatment and, psychological support to get you back to being yourself. In some cases, you might never be the same. As your injury law firm, we’ll help get you the funding that you need to get the appropriate physical and psychological treatment to help return your life to as normal as possible.

Contact The Bennett Law Group today, and we’ll serve as your accident and injury law firm. Come see us at 460 St. Michael’s Drive, Suite 703, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. You can also give us a call at 505-983-9834, or send us a message with our online contact form.
Hire The Bennett Law Group as your New Mexico law firm. We’ll fight for you as your personal injury attorneys.