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  • Operating near Los Alamos County, attorney Merit Bennett and his team with The Bennett Law Group have over 40 years of experience to bring to your case. Have you suffered from or been involved in an auto injury? The Bennet Law Group wants you to know you have rights and we can help uphold them in a court of law. We retain a team of attorneys near Los Alamos, NM to serve New Mexico residents with the best legal representation for cases of personal injury, auto accidents, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful death, and more.

    The Bennett Law Group is a Santa Fe NM personal injury law firm but our attorneys represent citizens all over the great state of New Mexico. If you live in or near Los Alamos, attorneys at The Bennett Law Group are the answer to your legal prayers. Whether you are in need of an injury attorney near Los Alamos or a Los Alamos County attorney to help with a workplace dispute, The Bennett Law Group will take on your case with the respect and urgency it deserves. You have enough to worry about without having to worry about finding the best personal injury attorney near Los Alamos, NM.

    We always aim to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve, while tackling insurance companies and government agencies that are hell-bent on saving money and saving face. Get to know our personal injury attorney near Los Alamos, NM. by visiting our “Attorneys” section on our website. You can also reach out to us for a secure telephonic consultation by calling (505) 983-9834 and speak with a Los Alamos County attorney representative today!

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  • The Bennett Law Group brings over 40 years of professional legal experience to New Mexico residents seeking a Los Alamos County attorney. Our attorneys near Los Alamos, NM. can offer you unparalleled representation and resources to win your case. The Bennett Law Group has a team of Los Alamos attorneys at the ready to assist you in navigating the steps of the legal ladder on the way to winning your case. Let the team of Los Alamos County attorneys at The Bennett Law Group represent you as your personal injury attorney near Los Alamos, NM, and get you the compensation you deserve in a respectful and timely manner.

    Call The Bennett Law Group today, or If you’d prefer, you can always send us a message using our online contact form. However, please be aware that messages sent by new or prospective clients to The Bennett Law Group using email are not protected by attorney-client privilege, so please do not include private information in your contact via the website.