Gender Discrimination against Wal-Mart - in Texas

Since 1999, Merit and his former partner, Stephen Tinkler, have been involved in the national class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores for gender discrimination perpetrated against its female employees, depriving them of equal promotion and pay. The case was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the court's ruling caused the case to be split into regional class actions across the country. See case description here. Also, see Tolling Order for that case here. Merit and Stephen are now prosecuting the cases filed in the Northern Texas/Southern New Mexico region in federal court in Texas.

Wrongful Death and Disability Discrimination in California

Merit has teamed up with his former co-counsel in the Honolulu Police Department Race and Gender Discrimination Case (cited elsewhere herein), Attorney Seth Goldstein, a former criminal prosecutor in California, to file a lawsuit in the Eastern District, California, against a School District and the State of California, among other defendants, regarding the illegal physical application of prone restraints to discipline/control disabled children, which resulted in the death of one of the children (Max Benson) and severely injured the others. See Second Amended Complaint. See also the TV news clip regarding the criminal prosecution of the teachers causing the death of Max. See filed complaint.

Gender and Age Discrimination and Whistleblower Violation in New Mexico State Government

Merit represents a former New Mexico State Program Manager for the State Administrative Office of the Courts who was forced to terminate her employment because of gender and age discrimination and because she blew the whistle on illegal misconduct perpetrated by the Director of the state agency. See filed Complaint.

Race Discrimination Against Deputy Chief of Police in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Merit represents the former Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Las Vegas, who was not promoted to serve as the Chief of Police and was forced to resign solely because he was a black man. The Mayor of Las Vegas was overheard to remark about Merit's client, "I'm gonna get rid of the Negro," and when asked if she was going to promote Merit's client to the position of Chief of Police, for which he was the next-in-line and most qualified candidate, the Mayor stated, "I'm not going to promote that monkey." See filed Complaint and KRQE's video.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Claims Filed in Archdiocese of Santa Fe Bankruptcy

Merit has filed three claims in the pending bankruptcy of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe on behalf of victims of childhood sexual abuse perpetrated upon them when they were children by pedophile priests harbored by the Archdiocese. See Bloomberg news article.